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The NBR Foundation

The Nancy Buck Ransom Foundation (NBRF) was established to support the operations of Crivitz Youth, Inc. (CYI).

Nancy Buck Ransom was born in 1925 in Chicago. She was raised in New York but spent most of her summers in Crivitz Wisconsin. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin and taught at schools in Illinois and California. As a child, Nancy spent her summers in the Crivitz area and developed a love for the "northwoods" and its residents.  As an adult, she continued to vacation and visit the Crivitz area.

Nancy was a great mentor and benefactor to many, personally and through the Nancy Buck Ransom Foundation. With her mother, Constance Buck, she founded Crivitz Youth, Inc. in 1971 to honor the passing of her father, Ellsworth Buck. She saw a need for a youth center to support young people from Crivitz and worked with community members to open a teen center in 1972. CYI continued to grow to support a variety of community needs; opening a preschool program in 1981, a child development center in 1997 and a community center in 2013. The Nancy Buck Ransom Foundation supports the operational and direct facilities costs associated with the buildings, utilities and maintenance to ensure that Nancy’s legacy continues far into the future.

Thank you for naming Crivitz Youth, Inc. the 2022 CBA Business of the Year!

This recognition means a great deal to us, and we look forward to serving the community in the years to come. 


Caroline Repenning, Board President
Chad Schroeder, Vice-President & Secretary
Robert Berndt, Treasurer
Rebecca Zillges, Member
Lynelle Caine, Member

Kelly Robinson, Member

Brian Arpke, Member


Vicki Timblin, Executive Director

Kim Zak, Director of Childcare

Vicki Timblin, Director of Community Center
Dorreen Uhl, Director of Teen Center
Joe Bublitz, Director of Maintenance


All of CYI’s facilities and programs are funded in two parts:
 1.  The Nancy Buck Ransom Foundation finances operational and direct
facilities costs such as buildings, utilities and maintenance.
2.  User fees are charged to partially offset instructional staff costs
and the costs of supplies.
Crivitz Youth, Inc. is a nonprofit, privately funded organization.

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