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Martial Arts 

Taekwondo is a modern Korean martial art influenced by ancient self-defense practices. 

Our Martial Arts program runs year-round, and is open to anyone ages 7 and older. 


Meet the Instructors

Taekwondo is instructed by our 3 Black Belts: Scott, Pat, and Kevin. 


Third Degree Black Belt

Scott Sharkey

I started in Taekwondo back in 2009 as an activity with my family. I continued to train and received my 1st degree black belt in 2014 and my 2nd degree black belt in 2017. Now, my Third Degree Black Belt in 2022. I love the challenge of learning and pushing my mind and body to go above what I thought I could ever do.


Second Degree Black Belt

Kevin Goldberg

I’ve been involved in Tae Kwon Do for 6 1/2 years. I currently hold the rank of Second Degree Black Belt.


Third Degree Black Belt

Pat Doubek

I joined a Taekwondo class in 1998 with my son. After a few years of taking time off, I decided to go for my Black Belt. I received my First Degree Black Belt in 2014. Then, my Second Degree Black Belt in 2017. Now I’ve received my Third Degree Black Belt October of 2022. I love teaching all new students, especially the younger kids. They’re all awesome.


Crivitz Community Center Gymnasium

Mondays & Thursdays


Registration Forms

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