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Our toddler ratios consist of six (6) toddlers to one (1) teacher if they are a minimum of two (2) years of age.  The maximum group size for this room is twelve (12).  Ages in the toddler room run from an average of twenty (20) – twenty four (24) months to approximately two and one half (2 ½) years, depending on the child’s development. 



Our teachers are specially trained to help the children transition into their next phase of learning.  They have a planned curriculum that may include age-appropriate art activities, listening to flannel board stories, music, finger plays and outdoor play.  These activities are incorporated into a simple routine with meals and naptime so the children will get to know what activity to expect next.  We also work together with parents to start toilet training in this room if they see fit.  We provide breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks.  (We meet all Wisconsin State requirements per DCF 251 regulations)


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