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During the school year, our ratios consist of thirteen (13) children to one (1) teacher.  The maximum group size for this age is twenty four (24).  Their ages range from four (4) years to twelve (12) years.


We provide bus transportation to and from the Crivitz Elementary School with signed permission slips. Activities for school-age children will differ and be age appropriate for their individual levels.  During their time at the Child Development Center, their schedules will include outside play, snack time, and time for puzzles, homework, crafts, and social play.  The older children may be encouraged occasionally to assist the younger children.  They will need to act as role models and lead by example.  Breakfast is served before school each day and after school snacks are provided when they arrive back at the center.






During the summer months when school is not in session, our ratios consist of eighteen (18) children to one (1) teacher.  The maximum group size for this age is thirty six (36).  Their ages range from seven (7) years to twelve (12) years.  This program is a little less structured as they have each day of the week set with an activity that they participate at their own pace.  For example, on Mondays they go to the Library and participate in a summer reading program, on Tuesdays they go bowling at the CYI Teen Center, on Wednesdays they walk to the Littleland Playground and make ice cream sundaes when they get back to the center.  On Thursdays we go on a predetermined field trip.  We pack a lunch and have a full day of learning and excitement!  On Fridays we have bike day. You can bring a pedal bike or skate board or scooter (helmets required) that day and spend the afternoon outdoors.  We provide breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks.  (We meet all Wisconsin State requirements per DCF 251 regulations)



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