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Our preschool age children range from three (3) to five (5) years of age, 

depending on the child’s development.  The preschool ratios consist of ten (10) children to one (1) teacher with a maximum group size of twenty (20) for this room.  


The children must be fully potty trained to be scheduled in this room.

The CYI Child Development Center encourages the children to be physically and mentally active, to develop a positive self-image, feel comfortable in their peer group, and have a happy, stimulating experience. Through age-appropriate activities, children learn to plan and make decisions as well as to seek out and organize information.  Within a stimulating and accepting environment, we aim to present a program that helps to develop the whole child socially, intellectually, emotionally, and physically.  We bring parents and staff together to provide the opportunity for each child to experience happy and healthful growth, and to provide kindergarten readiness.  This classroom takes field trips during the school 

year to provide the children with some of the same experiences they find once in the Elementary School setting.  We provide breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks.  (We meet all Wisconsin State requirements per DCF 251 regulations) 


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