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2 1/2 YEARS TO 3 1/2 YEARS

The transition room ratios consist of eight (8) children to one (1) teacher if they are at least two and one half (2 ½) years old until approximately three and one half (3 ½) years old, depending on the child’s development.  The maximum group size for this room is sixteen (16). 


CYI encourages the children to be physically and mentally active.  A planned curriculum will have them working on weekly themes with daily activities that let them explore and utilize their own creativity.  They learn social and emotional skills as well as fine tune their gross and fine motor skills.  We work on toilet training diligently in this room as they need to be completely potty trained before moving up to the preschool room.  We include lots of outdoor activities all year long!  We provide breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks.  (We meet all Wisconsin State requirements per DCF 251 regulations) 


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